The orange tractor in your barn or garage might seem like it’s going to run forever. You know as well as we do that the land takes its toll on us and our tractors eventually. Some things just wear out and frequent maintenance is a great way to prevent significant damage. Of course you want to do it yourself. Why not? You can get everything you need to make it happen. Simply look for a dealer who sells Used Tractors and Parts in Paris, TN.

Use Online Resources

You aren’t alone. A lot of Kubota owners like to fix their own tractors. Some of those go getters are nice enough to record themselves doing it. There are nearly limitless resources on YouTube. You can find the common repairs, the regular maintenance work, and even specialty repairs in videos online.

Online forums like can be very helpful too. Thousands of other Kubota owners use that online forum to share their own experiences about owning Kubota Tractors. You can find regular operations information in the forum along with recommendations when you start looking to buy a new or used Kubota.

A very popular part of most online tractors forums is the section on service, maintenance, and repair. You can find relative experts sharing their own past experience with common and not so common troubles. It’s ok to ask a question in the forum, experts will quickly respond, generally on the same day, to help you out. Remember forums are not professional support. These are people, like you, doing it themselves.

Owners Manuals

It’s important to have a few manuals on hand when you get ready to do your own maintenance and repair work on your Kubota. These are hard copy books you keep next to you while you work so that you know exactly which parts you’ll need and how to proceed. You can download some of these manuals digitally in PDF form and keep them on hand that way too. Be sure you have the right versions of the following for your tractor:

  • Operator’s Manual
  • Workshop Service Manual
  • Parts Manual


Getting Parts for Kubota

Kubota is unique in that you can get whatever individual parts you need, right down to the washers and bolts. Other companies sell parts in kits and you often have to buy a whole package of parts when all you need is a replacement bolt or gasket. To find what you need, use your parts manual and the online quick reference system on the Kubota website.

You can use dropdown menus to find parts by series, model, engine, and deck. The site lets you find what you need easily. You can save or print out the parts list from the online lookup page and use that list when you contact Coleman Tractor to purchase what you need.

Exploded diagrams in the parts manual are particularly useful in helping to diagnose the issue and find out what you’ll need to replace or repair. Together, the manuals and online referencing system will get you where you need to go.

Long Live Kubota Tractors

These machines are built for longevity. The more you can do to maintain and repair your Kubota, the longer it will last for you or even the next owner. Get familiar with the online and manual resources available for you as you head into your next repair.

Remember that Coleman Tractor is here to help. Our professionally trained technicians and parts department are able to help you with all of your Kubota Parts and service needs. Call 615 227-8291 or Contact Us about the any of your Kubota needs today.