Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program



Established in 2005, The Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) provides cost share dollars to agricultural producers for the purpose of making long-term investments in Tennessee farms and rural communities. This program allows producers to benefit from maximized profits, improved safety, and increased efficiency while positively impacting economies in rural communities.

In 2023, the TAEP application period is October 1-7, with notifications for approval being sent out in mid-December. TAEP purchases can be made starting October 1, 2023 until each category’s final reimbursement deadline, as determined by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Reimbursements are based on expense amounts for eligible items in the program.

It is important to note that hay equipment and hay storage reimbursements are offered on a rotating basis with new hay equipment reimbursements being offered in the 2023-2024 program. Hay storage reimbursements will be offered in the 2024-2025 program. For a complete list of programs and eligible purchases, click here.

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Hay Equipment Program Eligibility

Hay equipment reimbursements will be offered in the 2023-2024 program. 

Eligible items include:

1. Hay accumulator
2. Hay baler – round or square
3. Hay grapple
4. Hay mower (rotary cutter/pasture clippers are not eligible)
5. Hay mower caddy
6. Hay tedder
7. Hay rake
8. Mower-conditioner
9. Multi bale hay spear

To be eligible, the items purchased must be new equipment that has not been previously owned and cannot be items purchased at an auction. Replacement parts are not eligible. Accessories are eligible for cost share if purchased along with equipment.

In the 2023-2024 program, the maximum reimbursement for hay equipment is $6,000 with a standard cost share of 35% and a 50% cost share for those within the Master class.

To learn more about application requirements and eligibility information, please visit the TAEP Hay Equipment website.


2023-2024 TAEP Schedule
2023 Application PeriodOctober 1-7, 2023
Approval Notifications – to be mailedMid-December 2023
Reimbursement Packets – to be mailedJanuary 2024
Decline Funding Deadline – Hay Equipment & Livestock EquipmentMarch 1, 2024
Reimbursement Request Deadline – Hay Equipment & Livestock EquipmentApril 1, 2024
Decline Funding Deadline – GeneticsMay 1, 2024
Reimbursement Request Deadline – GeneticsJune 1, 2024
Decline Funding Deadline – Dairy Solutions, Herd Health, Livestock Solutions, Poultry Grower, Producer Diversification, Row Crop Solutions, Swine Producer, Working Structures & Fence-line SystemsJuly 1, 2024
Reimbursement Request Deadline – Dairy Solutions, Herd Health, Livestock Solutions, Poultry Grower, Producer Diversification, Row Crop Solutions, Swine Producer, Working Structures & Fence-line SystemsAugust 1, 2024


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For more information on TAEP, visit the official website here .
Note that while our team is happy to help with questions on equipment purchased for TAEP, interested individuals should contact TAEP coordinators for program-specific details, whose contact information can be accessed here.

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