In the 21st Century, many things have changed especially in the manufacturing industry. Some new machines and technologies are being introduced, and they’ve positively impacted the lifestyle of different people.

Today, you no longer to spend all your energy doing heavy jobs since there are highly-efficient machines that can be used to avoid wasting time and energy. That is why a tractor is considered one of the most essential assets to own. You can use it for commercial or domestic activities.

The current tractor market is already crowded, and therefore, buyers find it difficult to choose the right tractor that suits their needs. Kubota is one of the major manufacturers of tractors in the world.

Why should you buy a Kubota product?

Kubota is best known for producing high-quality compact and sub-compact tractors in the market. In fact, their diesel engines are very efficient and highly reliable. Being a Kubota dealer for more than a decade, we are in a position to help our customers make a wise decision when buying Kubota tractors in Paris TN.

Before you buy any Kubota tractor, you need to determine all the features you want. Do you require a snow remover and a lawn mower for a large area? Do you want an excavator for your landscaping business? Or maybe you require a wheel loader for construction work?

The good news is that Kubota manufactures tractors that suit your needs and budget. We have compiled this buying guide to help you choose the right Kubota model!

Finding the Right Kubota Tractor

You should go for a tractor that suits your needs but consider your future goals as well. Adding a heavy-duty Kubota tractor to your list of equipment means that you will able to do more work within the shortest time possible.

Therefore, if you have a landscaping business, then it means you’ll have an opportunity to take on more jobs and eventually grow your client base. We highly recommended you consider a more powerful Kubota model to tackle extra jobs if it’s in your business plan.

Overview of Kubota Tractor Series and Models

This is the most essential section for all customers who plan to buy Kubota tractors Paris TN. We will discuss different tractor series, their horsepower ranges and the ideal applications of the series. Use it as a guide to help you choose one that suits your professional or personal needs.

Kubota TLB Series

Kubota Tractor Loader Backhoes comes in B, BX, L, and M Series. The TBL models deliver horsepower ranging from 23 HP in the BX Series up to 59 HP in the M Series. They are available in both power utility and compact sizes. Thus, Kubota’s TLB Series is powerful and dependable for any job. Kubota TBL models have various applications which include:

• Agriculture or commercial use

• Landscaping

• Trenching

• Material handling

• Loader work

• Excavation

• Construction

Kubota L Series

If you require a powerful machine at an affordable price, then Kubota L Series is the best choice. The L Series features a full list of models to select from, starting from 32 to 60 HP. It’s available in the economy, tractor loader backhoes, and deluxe models. L Series are hardworking, reliable and easy to operate. These versatile utility tractors suits:

• Commercial use

• Small farms

• Light construction

• Estate maintenance

• Landscaping

• Equestrian operations

• Snow removal

BX Series

If you need a tractor to handle your garden and landscaping needs, then go for Kubota BX Series. They are versatile, durable and compact. This series provides a dependable home tractor with excellent maneuverability.

The BX 70 estate series comes in different models that range from 18 to 25.5 HP. Flexibility and power are the key features of The BX tractor loader backhoe (TBL) model. With these features, you can buy three-point hitch implements for your towing needs, front or rear snowblowers for powerful winter snow removal, and mid mount mower implements. The BX Series is ideal for the following applications:

• Towing

• Light material handling

• Snow removal

• Gardening

• Lawn mowing and maintenance

Kubota M Series

Perhaps, these are best mid-size tractors since they can handle the job. The Kubota M Series Tractors can be used in various demanding jobs. You can select from a range of 46 to 135 HP and choose the standard, mid-size AG, utility, tractor loader backhoe or specialty models. These heavy utility tractors suit all applications including:

• Commercial use

• Equestrian or livestock operations

• Grounds maintenance

• Specialty farming

• Forestry, Landscaping

• Loader work

• Snow removal

• All-purpose agriculture

B Series

The Kubota B Series comes in a range of 23 to 33 HP. You can choose from narrow, economy, track loader backhoe, and premium versions. The performance-enhancing upgrades that have been employed on the B Series compact tractor have enhanced its operation comfort, power, and efficiency. With impressive upgrades and high performance, the B Series models are suitable for:

• Light construction

• Commercial landscaping/use

• Small farms and equestrian

• Residential landscaping

• Snow removal

• Grounds maintenance


When buying a tractor, you should consider several variables such as weight, horsepower, lift capacities and size. The key to choosing the right tractor is to understand what you really want to accomplish with your machine.

When you are in the market for a great tractor, consider a Kubota from Coleman Tractor.
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