Buying any piece of machinery you’re not familiar with can be an intimidating prospect, especially when the purchase will set you back a few thousand dollars or more. Investing in a good tractor, new or used, pays off eventually in really good ways.

However, knowing the right tractor to buy involves a lot more than looking up a Ford, John Deere, or Kubota tractor for sale Tennessee online. For a first-time buyer, it may very well be impossible without some expert guidance.

Tip 1: What do you need it for?

Picking out a tractor from the dizzying array of options at your disposal today is not comparable to buying a car. Here, the key considerations to be made will be about its ability to take on the tasks you need to be completed on a daily basis. Experts say that the sweet spot for tractor power lies around 16 to 45hp, and that compact tractors are by far the most practical. With this in mind, you can easily browse through the catalogs knowing what your upper and lower limits are.

Tip 2: Brand is Often a Matter of Personal Choice or Regional Preference

Some regions have nothing but blue Fords while others are a sea of Kubota orange tractors. What influences this? The availability of parts and, in some cases, personal tastes.

The worst thing you could do is settle for a tractor without asking about the availability of its parts. Reliable dealers, like Coleman Tractor can take you through the best choices with easily attainable parts to save you from unnecessary costs when it comes to replacing worn out components.

Tip 3: Diesel or Gasoline?

Both diesel and gasoline engines have their perks and downsides. While diesel engines are superior in terms of power, torque, and durability, they cost a lot more to repair and maintain. Gasoline engines, on the other hand, are cheaper in comparison, are less prone to freezing in cold weather, and can be decently long-lasting when given the right care.

Diesel engines are still highly recommended because of their unrivaled power and torque. They will cost a bit more both in terms of money and effort to maintain but they’re ultimately the more practical option when it comes to tractor engines. However, you should consider a gasoline engine if you live in a place that is particularly cold since they are more tolerant to the freezing temperatures.

Tip 4: Pay Attention to How the Engine Starts from Cold

Whether you’re buying a new or used tractor, this is one of the ways to determine what conditions the engine is in. Request the dealer not to start the tractor before you arrive so that you can see it start from cold. Ideally, two or three revolutions are enough to start a diesel engine at room temperature.

More revolutions indicate either a need for servicing on the fuel injectors and pumps or low compression. Replacing these costs anywhere between $500 and $1,000. Also, unless loaded heavily, there should be little to no smoke coming from the exhaust.

These four nuggets of wisdom come from tractor experts who have relied on them for years when it came to buying new or used tractors. Hopefully, it will be of some use to you, the prospective buyer. When you finally decide to take the leap Coleman Tractor is here to help. Serving Tennesee at three convenient locations we can help you with your next Kubota Tractor purchase.

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