A top-notch compact excavator dealer knows that different tasks call for different solutions. Coleman Tractor, with four Tennessee locations, should be your first choice for all equipment needs! Compact excavators are useful in construction, digging, pipe trenching, landscaping, and snow removal. They can fit in tight spaces and are easier to transport in comparison to their standard counterparts. A compact excavator dealer offers quality equipment that you can rely on. Additionally, to keep your equipment operational at all times, you should maintain it properly. compact excavator dealer

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Types of compact excavators


This model delivers impressive digging performance in the toughest conditions. It features a long lumbar distance that gives the lifting power you need to complete a variety of tasks. Additionally, it comes with an advanced hydraulic system that regulates the oil based on the weight of the load.

The KX018-4 is engineered to give maximum power and lifting performance. As well, it also delivers minimal noise and meets the latest engine emission transmission. Other features are:

  • Wide working range

compact excavator dealerThe KX018-4 is ideal for loading, digging, and lifting. The wide working range guarantees the efficiency of your bucket capacity, load over height, and amazing digging depth.

  • A rubber crawler and double-flanged rollers

The double-flagged rollers are engineered to improve stability, while the short-pitched rubber minimizes vibration.

  • ROPS and OPG

The ROPS has a design to protect accidental rollovers.

  • Auto shift

It enables automatic travel shift from high to low depending on the terrain. This guarantees smoother operation when turning.

  • Spacious cab

The KX018-4 excavator provides greater comfort. It provides bigger legroom to minimize fatigue.


This model is built for comfort, stability, and efficiency. It features a roomy cabin and offers class-bursting performance. Still, you work efficiently with the repetitive angle blade. Also, you can position it from right to left, eliminating the need for repetitive positioning. Other features include:

  • 2-speed travel switch

When you place the two-speed lever on the dozer, operations can be done faster. compact excavator dealer

  • Auto-shift

It automatically shifts the speed depending on terrain for smoother operations.

  • Auto idling system

When the control lever is idle for four seconds, the engine RPM returns. Additionally, this innovative feature lowers the noise and reduces fuel consumption.

  • Swivel negative brakes

It locks the swivel function and prevents unexpected movement.


The K008-3 model can maneuver in tight spaces. For sheer productivity, the compact excavator delivers superior horsepower. Firstly, it features a straight wall trenching with a swing angle of 60 degrees. Secondly, it comes with a protective structure for extra safety. Moreover, you get increased space in the operator’s area to get the job done in comfort.

Service and parts available for sale at the dealer

The compact excavator dealer offers maintenance, service and parts to keep your equipment in top-notch condition. The services include:

  • General/preventive maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Engine service
  • Undercarriage services
  • Technology updates
  • Minor repairs

The dealer also offers field service, so you don’t have to worry about transporting the equipment to the shop. To sum it up, their skillful technicians get the repair job done right with efficiency and speed.

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