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Kubota utility vehicles are known for producing highly efficient, reliable compact vehicles. At Coleman Tractor Company in White House, TN, we understand you need the best equipment at a reasonable price. Additionally, our expert staff is available to assist in sales, service and parts. Therefore, whether you’re picking your first rig or are looking for an upgrade, there’s a match out there for you.  RTV-X900 Worksite Camo

Here is an informative guide regarding how to choose Kubota utility vehicles:

Here are some questions to help you decide which model fits you best:

How do you plan to use the utility vehicle?

Will you use the vehicle as a workhorse or family toy? For example, you may want to haul tools around your property, carry your hunting gear, or get your construction crew from one place to the next. Depending on your primary goal, you will want a machine that can be useful on various terrains.

Number of Riders

Kubota utility vehicles offer two-seater and four-seater options. Furthermore, the number of riders will definitely impact your decision. In particular, you’ll want plenty of space for both people and cargo. Most importantly, do you have someone riding along? Keep in mind the specs can differ between the two. 

Skill Level

As with motorcycles, you should consider the power you have under your foot. Firstly, your skill level will improve quickly, but it can be overwhelming with the 100 plus horsepower option. Secondly, since you’re fitting your needs to the vehicle, it’s easy to make the right match. Additionally, these vehicles are very easy to learn to drive.

Terrain Type

If you’re buying a utility vehicle for recreation, you ought to consider your most frequent riding terrain. So, if you spend most of your time on twisty trails, you want a machine with good crawling ability. Similarly, if you’re thinking about winches and recovery straps, you want more power and active suspension. Depending on your location and usage, check for the various models that meet your requirements.

Test Drive

A test drive is always the best way to get a feel of the utility vehicle. In order for you to understand all the vehicle has to offer, trying it out is always important. While you test a utility vehicle out for yourself, you should ensure:

  • Machine handles well
  • Fits your style
  • Engine is smooth

Be sure to contact a member of our sales team to check out which units are available to test drive and stop by to see firsthand which models best fit your needs. Keep in mind, while each model is different, Kubota utility vehicles come with a multitude of options for attachments, colors, and enhancements for every application.

Types of Kubota Utility Vehicles

Model RVT 500

This is a mid-size utility vehicle that offers 15.8HP. What’s more, it’s powered by a 2-cylinder engine that minimizes noise and vibration. Additionally, the engine is paired by a hydrostatic transmission and gives years of dependable use.

RVT 500 features a variable hydro transmission that offers exceptional handling ability. Also, the well-placed controls ensure easy operation. Therefore, the operator gets ample legroom and controls are easily accessible. Other features are:

  • Engine-assisted deceleration
  • 2WD and 4WD selection
  • Compact frame

RTV – X1100C Worksite Camo Model

The Camo is a luxurious utility vehicle that combines comfort and performance. Additionally, it features a D1105 3-cylinder diesel engine that generates 24.5HP. What’s more, Kubota offers a variable advance HST motor while the VHT-X gives a wide torque band.

The Unibody cab ensures a comfortable ride thanks to the integrated chassis. Meanwhile, you’ll also love the exceptional traction. Additional features include:

  • Limited-slip front differential
  • CV joint protectors
  • Adjustable height rear suspension

Model RVT – X1140

The X1140 model has a design for heavy-duty applications. It features a variable hydrostatic transmission and a powerful engine that generates 24.8HP. In addition to that, this machine allows for a two-speed in-line shift. Its pinch design minimizes clogging and improves radiator performance.

This baseline reference should give you some idea of the features of just a few models of Kubota utility vehicles. Next stop: our showroom!

You definitely will want to visit our showroom to view all of our available models and options for utility vehicles.  Check out our equipment yourself to understand the Kubota benefits!

For Work, Recreation, and Everything You Need, 

Kubota Utility Vehicles are the Best Choice!

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