Kubota RTV’s from Coleman Tractor Nashville TNUtility terrain vehicles, or UTVs, are often shadowed by their much faster and more nimble relatives, the all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs. However, most people don’t realize the benefits of owning a powerful UTV. Not only do they make up for their slight lack of speed and agility with their immense working capabilities; UTVs are also incredibly versatile and quite capable of completely streamlining day-to-day chores quite impressively.

But before you make your way to the nearest UTV dealer Nashville TN, we’ve made a list of some of the reasons why you need a UTV, not an ATV, on your farm.

They are More Powerful

Despite their small stature—and some UTVs can be quite compact—they are capable of hauling a lot of cargo at one go. The large cargo haul at the back provides plenty of space to move bales of hay, cans of milk, or even livestock from one place to another. While some might argue that some ATVs come with on-board storage facilities, these never compare to those available on a UTV. So, if your daily routine involves hauling a lot of things from one place to another, a UTV is the right choice for you.

They Are a Lot More Spacious

UTV can be described as a cross between a pickup cab and a 4-wheeled vehicle. As such, they come with cabs similar to those you might find on trucks, allowing two or more riders to sit comfortably side-by-side while strapped in safely using the available seatbelts. This makes them much kinder to the body during long bumpy drives on uneven terrain. On the score of comfort and safety, UTVs are without a doubt the reasonable choice.

UTVs Are Definitely The Safer Option

In addition to seatbelts, UTVs also feature something known as a roll cage; a sturdy metallic frame on the outside that protects the occupants of the vehicle in case it flips over. In the event of a mishap, the occupants of the vehicle can remain perfectly safe by keeping their arms inside the vehicle during a rollover.

They Are Specialized

Despite the somewhat fancy appearance of some of the UTVs, you’ll find on display, rest assured that the vehicles are built to carry out specialized tasks. However, you can choose to go for sportier models if your work involves less hauling and more speed, recreational-centric UTV’s if you’re looking for a relaxing way to get around, or a work-specific UTV if you need to be hauling heavy loads and switching between different attachments on a daily basis. Regardless of your choice, all UTVs are hard workers.

UTV’s Are Highly Customizable

One of the main reasons why so many people go for UTVs instead of ATVs is simply because of their highly customizable builds. There are a wide array of customization options when it comes to these industrious little vehicles. Whether it is the lighting, the wheels, stereo systems, or even in-cab heaters, UTVs allow you to upgrade their performance however you like, making them quite the evergreen investment.

So, if you’re looking for versatility and strength on wheels, head on down to your nearest UTV dealer in Nashville TN, Coleman Tractor and grab yourself some fantastic deals.

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