For the part time or small time farmer, buying an inexpensive used tractor may be a much better deal than buying a new tractor not only because it’s cheaper, but also because he may not want to use it for too long. However, if this is the first time you’re buying Used Kubota Tractors Nashville TN, then how do you know what the one you’re buying is the right one? Well, prior to making the purchase, you need to keep a few things in mind, as following.

Factors to consider when purchasing a used tractor

· Fire or flood damage.

· Wear and tear.

· Tire kicking.

· Steering.

· Leaks.

· Battery.

· Engine.

· Dipstick.

· Hitches and swivel pin.

Fire or flood damage

First of all, if you want to identify whether the tractor has suffered fire or flood damage, then you need to see if it was repainted or not. All rubbers and seals around the cab, rear differential, engine, etc have all been replaced if the tractor suffered fire damage.

Wear and tear

The tire and cab wear need to both coincide with the tractor hours. If the tractor has been used for a small number of hours, then it should show minimal wear on the mat around the pedals and on the foot pedals. Furthermore, newness or ages of tires need to reflect the hours of operation.

Tire Kicking

If the remaining tread depth is worn to 50% of its initial lug depth, then the tractor’s power may not be fully transferred to the ground. Therefore, make sure that you keep an eye on for uneven wear. If you find that the serial number is ground off, then this means that the tractor is a manufacturer’s second.


One thing you should certainly check very well is the steering. To do this, you should move the wheel back and forth and don’t be shy to do so with force. When driving the tractor, you should also turn a corner and see how the differential locks into place.

Check for Leaks

If you notice streaks of oil across the hubs and tires, then this may mean that you’re dealing with a faulty shaft seal. Make sure to check the hydraulics and see if there are any leaks there as well.


Check for a moist layer of drip on top of the poles, green deposits on the poles, and low water level. Poorly adjusted or defective lights and damaged cables are a good sign that the tractor wasn’t treated with care.

Check the Engine

When checking the engine, you need to carefully check the crankshaft and the O rings as well. If the engine is cold, then it needs to be able to pick up speed fast. You may find that black smoke starts to billow from a diesel when starting it up, but that shouldn’t worry you. If it’s anything but black or doesn’t clear, then this could mean you have an engine problem. You also need to check the engine’s ventilation. To do that, you need to use a piece of paper to close the end of the pipe and see whether it collects any oil that may be blowing out.

Take out the Dipstick

A burnt smell or dark black may suggest that the oil wasn’t changed as often as it should be. Small water bubbles or a gray tinge on the dipstick may also suggest that the oil has mixed with the water. When you put the dipstick back and oil spits more than usual, then this means that oil got in the oil pan and the rings are probably bad as well. In this case, you may have to overhaul the engine. Antifreeze and oil film in the radiator indicates issues.

Hitches and Swivel Pin

Make sure to check the four wheeled swivel pin at the pivot point. It’s very important that the wear is in line with the number of hours the tractor was used for. Furthermore, check the hitch hole and if you use an oblong hole, then that means the tractor was used for many hours. In this case, you need to be wary about closing the deal.

With that said, these are the main things you need to consider when it comes to buying a used tractor. If you’re not too confident about buying it on your own, then be sure to have a friend with you or someone you know that’s very good with used tractors. This way, you won’t need to worry about making the wrong choice.

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