Service Your Tractor with Coleman TractorTractors are known for their resilience. With a little love, they are capable of taking you through the season without as much as a stutter. However, when the temperatures drop and the time comes to put them back in the shed for the winter, they need a lot more care to make it through to the next spring.

Daily checkups and routine service visits to your preferred Tennessee tractor dealer are vital, no doubt, but the maintenance chores performed on your tractor before it is time to store it for winter could be the difference between starting the next season with a perfectly functional machine and spending hundreds of dollars in repairs to bring your tractor back to life.

That said, herein are several helpful tips on how to keep your tractor in shape through winter.

Give it a Thorough Wash

Before backing it into the shed one last time, give your tractor a thorough clean and wax. Ensure you really scrape off all the dirt, especially when it’s packed with crucial components such as the transmission. This way, it is easier to check for damages in order to repair them.

Waxing your tractor is also not optional in this scenario. Its mostly fiberglass body is only protected by a single coat of paint. If this comes off, the fiberglass flakes and becomes weak, making it easier to snap.

Grease Everything That Needs to be Greased

It should go without saying that all the moving components of your tractor should be properly greased during the final checks before storing it for winter.

Fill Up the Fuel Tank

Your tractor’s plastic fuel tank can be the cause of serious engine problems if left unfilled. This is because of plastic traps condensation, especially when biodiesel is in use, thereby introducing water, an unnecessary contaminant that can lead to the corrosion of vital parts, into your fuel line.

What’s worse, water is the perfect environment for the growth of algae, something the experts say is capable of interfering with a tractor’s performance.

Keep the Vermin at Bay

Even if your Tennessee tractor dealer has replaced your wires with the new silicone-coated types, rats and mice can still be a big problem. To save yourself unnecessary repair costs at the beginning of the new season, invest in some potent mice repellent to protect not only your tractor’s wiring but also your seats.

Detach Your Tractor’s Electronics and Store Them Separately

This is not just an anti-theft measure. Detach all your tractor’s electronics, including heavy duty receivers and monitors, and put them away in a nicely covered storage space. Even if they have been built to endure tough conditions, leaving them exposed to the elements for months is needlessly putting them at risk of damage.

Charge Your Battery Fully

In addition to ensuring that the battery’s surface and terminals are clean as can be, ensure that it is fully charged before storing your tractor for the winter. A battery that isn’t fully charged is more likely to freeze. This kind of damage is often permanent.

Fix Everything That’s Broken

It makes little sense to hold off on repairs no matter how little the damage might look like initially. When it comes to tractor maintenance, a stitch in time really does save nine, especially when the tear is something as dismissible as an oil leak. An ignored leak is not only a potential fire hazard but it can also force you to start using more expensive lubricant.

These checks are vital to the longevity of your tractor. If all this sounds overwhelming, you can always leave it to the professionals at Coleman Tractor to make sure your tractor is ready to survive the winter. Stop by or contact us today to schedule your service appointment.

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