When it comes to working the land, there is no better way to do that than by using a tractor to get the job done fast and with excellent results as well. From mowing the grass to moving snow, hauling loads or digging loads, the uses of a tractor are simply limitless. On the other hand, buying a tractor is a very large investment and that is why you need to do your research well in order to find a package deal that appeals to your wallet and fully meets your needs. With that in mind, here are some of the things you need to consider when looking for a tractor.

Factors to consider when shopping for tractors:

1. Property size.

2. Tractor size and configurations.

3. HP and transmission.

4. HP type.

5. Dealer service.

Consider your property

The number of acres you own is one of the main favors you should consider when it comes to buying a tractor. Therefore, it pays to look for tractor deals in your area and get one that fully meets your needs. If you decide to save some money by purchasing a tractor that’s less effective for the work you need done on your land, then the cost of upgrades is certainly going to be higher compared to getting a tractor that’s equipped with everything you need to work your land. Also, ask yourself the following questions prior to getting a tractor:

1. Do you want to use it to mow the land?

2. Do you want to work with livestock or horses?

3. Do you plan on tilling a large garden?

After answering these questions, you’ll have a much better idea about the extras you need your tractor to feature.

Sizes and configurations

Look for tractor package deals that offer you great discounts if you buy the tractor and a few accessories together with it. This will help you save good money and in the process, get your hands on a tractor that can make working the land that much easier. When buying new you also have the advantage that your tractor is more fuel efficient and also a warranty to back it up. There are also features which were once available on high HP models that are not available on smaller tractors. Some of these include higher flow hydraulics, full cabs, but also on the go shifting.

If you plan on tackling jobs on your property, then it’s recommended that you opt for a subcompact tractor (approximately twenty to thirty HP). The majority of manufacturers offer a range of hydraulic and transmission options, but also 3-point hitch operation and simple PTO control. There’s also a wide range of implements available, including tillers, mowers, backhoes, loaders and more, making subcompacts really useful for completing lighter tasks.

Horse Power and transmission

Mechanical transmissions have been the norm for many years, but currently buyers can also opt for a hydrostatic model. It’s important to mention though that the majority of transmission models feature 2 gear selector levers. One allows you to select the gear range, but you’ll only be able to shift it when the tractor comes to a full stop. The second one allow you to shift between gears on the fly, meaning that even if the tractor is moving, you can still change the gear.

When it comes to hydrostatic transmissions, it doesn’t feature a lever for adjusting gear ranges. This means that you’ll be able to select any tractor speed easily. It’s a very nice feature that’s going to be mostly handy in light mowing operations.

HP Types

Be sure that you carefully consider the type of HP measurement that the dealer or manufacturer states. In order to define tractor power, 2 ratings are used. They include the PTO HP and the engine HP, with the former being the most common. Various implementations need a certain PTO HP, so that is why you need to know the tractor’s PTO rating when sizing an implement to it.

Dealer service

One of the last factors you need to consider is the access to local tractor dealers, like Coleman Tractor. After all, you’re going to be contacting them every time you need to upgrade your tractor or maybe repair it. If you’ve never used the tractor model you plan on buying, you also need to take into consideration whether you need training to operate it.

All in all, purchasing a tractor is a very important decision and an expensive one as well. Do your research, get in touch with Coleman Tractor to see what package deals they offer and only then take a decision on which one you want to buy.