Land Pride attachments offer a full line of rotary cutters with features you need to tackle the toughest jobs. Most of all, Land Pride rotary cutters are ideal for property with large mowing areas and farm grass maintenance. At Coleman Tractor Company in Clarksville, TN our professional staff can assist with all aspects of your equipment needs.  Land Pride attachments

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Here are some of the various types of Land Pride rotary cutters available for sale at the dealership.

Model RCF2084 Rotary Cutter

This rotary cutter offers a cutting width of 84” and allows the deck to follow a specific terrain to ensure an even cut. The quick hitch system helps you to disconnect the implements without leaving the tractor seat. And this can be a time saver when working on several projects. This is the perfect unit for grass fields.

For easy hookup, this unit comes with a floating top link which guarantees greater lift leverage for a small tractor. Another remarkable feature is the 10-gauge stump jumper- it enables the rotary cutter to slide over rocks and debris.

The RCF2084 model also guarantees easy pull-on tractor’s arms. It’s even better than pulling on a single unit design. Other features that make this model stack up against the competition include:

  • Extended cutter front – it increases the material flow
  • Round back design – helps to discharge grass better
  • Full-length skid shoes – offers sidewall reinforcement
  • Splined blade – allows for a tight fit of stump jumper
  • High blade tip speed

RCR 2684 Model

RCR 2684 rotary cutter is designed to cut slightly contoured pastures and sloping areas. It offers a cutting height of 2-12 inches and is fitted with a replaceable skid shoe.

If you’re working on multiple projects, the quick hitch system will help you quickly connect your implement without leaving the tractor seat. This model offers a cutting capacity of 3 inches, so you won’t have a problem in the crop fields. When you use this rotary cutter, the manufacturer recommends that you follow a straight line.

 Model RCF 3684

The RCF 3684 is a single-spindle cutter capable of cutting large grass. It’s equipped with a 190HP gearbox that is capable of cutting row crop stubble, heavy weed, small trees, and thick brush. Also, the smooth top design ensures easy cleaning, while the floating top hitch guarantees a clean cut.

That’s not all. The quick hitch system allows the operator to work on multiple projects. Other key features include:

  • 4-inch cutting capacity
  • Pull type hitch
  • Self-leveling tongue
  • Slip-clutch protection

RCR12 Model

If you long for an efficient and cost effective solution to cut your large lawn, you can’t go wrong with the RCR12 model. Additionally, it is a good match for subcompact tractors. Furthermore, this machine comes with a fully-welded deck and a stump jumper. Additionally, you even get optional skid shoes. Importantly, just like other high-end models, you don’t have to leave the driver seat to attach the unit.

The 10-gauge stump jumper ensures the rotary glides over obstructions. Besides, if you want to use the unit on a small tractor, you can use the floating top link.  Above all, as a sign of quality workmanship, this rotary cutter comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. That’s Right!


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